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Try WEP-collection of sofware developed to make <Win>-key more useful for many additional functions (all of them based on Autohotkey scripting):

Additional freeware that use simple hotkeys without <Win>-key:

End user agreement:

All software places on this web-page are freeware. And all of them "As Is" without any guarantee to work without errors. Because I do not guarantee correct work of third party's script-compiler, which I used to make all my programs here in WEP.

-= WinKey Enhacement Project, 2008 =-

My next project -> Do&Off (Do&Exit) - try my simple programs to make quick actions and get quick result without permanent using of computers resources (memory, CPU).

Need the transparency or "always on top" modes for the active window? No problem. Do use advantages of nanotranspyon NEW!(+nanotranspyoff NEW!) and nanotop NEW!.

Need to calculate expression placed in the text? You do not need to start any calculator and input the expression manually. Just try the nanocalc.

For more information follow this link Do&Off (Do&Exit).

Want to have Al@rm NEW! easy to use function?. Just download the alarm`12h34.exe file and rename this file as your alarm message and add the timestamp at the end of filename before its extension, after "`" (Grave Accent sign) in following 24-hour format (see example).

"I have to run it at`12h34.exe"

Note: do not use "`" in the alarm message text, only in the timestamp!
And file name must be not longer than 255 symbols.

In the alternate alarm@12h34.exe file you must to use "@" delimiter for alarm message instead of "`" if you'll never use "@" in the alarm message e.g. as e-mail sign.
I can also remove any delimiters between alarm message and timestamp.
All your suggestions are welcomes on the WEP Forum page.

Note: English isn't my native language.

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