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Try Do&Off collection of sofware developed to get advantages of power programs in the little one which do not use PC sources permanently (all of them based on Autohotkey scripting):

Idea of Do&Off little programs was born in my mind, when I did program in autohotkey script. It is a simple way to get some power features for the applications' windows in the autohotkey language.

But we do not need any permanent process in the CPU's memory to remain windows's tranparency or "allways on top" status. All that we need it's switch on its transparency ("allways on top" status) and this more than enough.

So, we need the program, which would start, make changes we need, and close itself. I called such programs with nano- prefix.

List of nano-programs with its features.

nanocalc - quick and simple calculator. Select expression in the text and release hotkey assigned to this program. You will get the result in the tip. I can compile variants of nanocals which will only show result in various places, or which will place result into the text position. All variants of result presentations which was realized in the Win...Calcs of WEP-project.

Family of windows status switchers:

nanotop - quick toggle "always on top" status for active window.
nanotopon - quick set on "always on top" status for active window.
nanotopoff - quick set off "always on top" status for active window.

nanotranspyon - quick set on "semi-transparency" status for active window.
nanotranspyoff - quick set off "semi-transparency" status for active window.

RunOnce - quick accessed menu for frequently used functions (run notepad, calculator, cmd, word, excel, explorer, photoshop, default internet browser, open c:\, d:\, "my documents" folder, etc). Tell me what applications you prefer to include to this list and I'll include them into submenu in the enhanced release. Place RunOnce.exe to the autorun folder and you will able to select program which you need firstly to run at the start of system.

Eureka! I'll try to make RunOnce with multiple selection of programs to start together.

How to install and work with NANO.

Generally no installation needed for nano-programs. You can just double click .exe file to realize its function.
But if you really want more comfortable using of nano- programs then you have to make a label for each you want to use, define the system hotkeys (different for each) in the label options and place these label on the desktop or in the Windows's Start menu. I can make installer, which will place label on the desktop. But suitable hotkey for each of nano-program you have to define by yourself.

Note: all labels must haven't "hidden" attribute of file.

To get a function you need, just release defined system hotkey.

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